Purpose of Xdoulos Ministries

Xdoulos Ministries exists to offer support to the Body of Christ through educational and mentoring ministries in partnership with local churches or para-church ministries.

Christ’s “great commission” to His disciples was to “make disciples” (Matt. 28:18-20).  Thus, just leading someone to Christ does not fulfill that commission. A disciple in the biblical understanding of that term is both a student and a follower of Jesus Christ.

As a student, a new Christian is to “desire the sincere milk of the Word so that you can grow in regards to (your) salvation” (1Pet. 2:2) and is to be continually “growing in knowledge” of God (Col. 1: 10) which comes from the study of His Word.  Xdoulos Ministries offers courses through the Disciple’s Bible Institute, as well as more informal teaching through home Bible studies.  The website offers book reviews, devotional thoughts, discussion on contemporary issues, and some more technical articles to encourage spiritual growth in Christians.  In this way, Xdoulos Ministries contributes to the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

A disciple is also a follower of Jesus Christ.  As a follower, a Christian must be mentored so as to mature in not only understanding the teachings of Christ but also in living a life which reflects the Lord’s own attitude and behavior.  It is easy to repeat the cliché “WWJD” (what would Jesus do?) but it takes maturing and discernment to correctly do what Jesus would do.  So often, His actions and attitudes surprised even His closest disciples and the average Jew of His day could not understand Him.  Knowledge plus guidance from more mature believers, a process called mentoring, helps shape true, devoted followers of Christ.  The ministry of Xdoulos Ministries seeks to mature believers to be followers of Jesus Christ.

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